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Dan Gabris Founder of Super Brain Diet, LLCDan Gabris is the founder of Super Brain Diet, LLC and SuperBrainDiet.com.  Dan is a lifetime health enthusiast who was looking for ways to increase brain power and improve memory to beat the curve in law school.

Once he began researching, he saw there wasn’t really one “good” one-stop shop resource for improving memory and maximizing brain functioning.

Thus, he spent a substantial amount of time researching and educating himself in the field of health, brain maximization, and diet. After compiling the information, he found tools and knowledge that he thought would also be valuable to others.

Dan has shared many of his findings on SuperBrainDiet.com. His ultimate goal is to provide himself and others with practical ways to live a healthier lifestyle and allow them to better utilize their full cognitive potential.

Dan currently works at a law firm in Kansas City where he practices in the area of civil litigation, primarily focusing on construction law, real estate matters, contractual disputes, and consumer fraud cases.

Dan received his law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in 2013, where he graduated with honors and served as Business Editor of the law review.

During his fifth semester of law school, Dan taught himself Italian and subsequently finished law school in Italy, at the University of Rome, where he took his law classes in Italian. 

He earned his undergraduate degrees in International Business and Spanish from Missouri State University and had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Valencia, Spain at the Universidad Politécnica in 2008.

Prior to practicing law, Dan served a short stint at a hospital where he counseled and mentored small groups of developmentally disabled adolescents.

In his free time he enjoys playing sports, exercising, learning interesting new things, reading books, writing, cooking, eating, and traveling.  He speaks Spanish and Italian conversationally, and he enjoys practicing and refining his language skills when he gets the opportunity.

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  1. Great site! Since I’ve came across this site I’ve tried these foods and feel like I’m thinking clearer than ever, and my focus is 100% improved. Thanks for the great tips and thorough break down of each food.

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