Best 6 Brain Foods for Exam Day

What to Eat for the Big Exam?

What is the best brain food to eat before the big exam? A question I’ve asked myself thousands of times. 

Is there really a good answer? Or does it depend on the person?

I wondered all of these things myself…

So I decided to research it. First, I read several books about using food to enhance brain functioning. Then I researched all over the internet looaking for a good answer to my question.

I couldn’t find any good one stop shop for brain foods for an exam. Most of the research I found lacked credibility or was not comprehensive enough for my liking.

Test Books Pic - SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, BAR Exam

After I compiled the research, I tried these foods and concepts out myself.

So I put together my own research and documented those findings. You’ll see that most of the claimed benefits are supported by lab studies and research that have shown that the selected foods really do improve brain power and memory. 

The specific purpose of this article, however, is to educate you on the best food for an exam. If you use these foods and suggestions, you’ll have a very clear, sharp mind, and you’ll remember things much easier when it comes time to fill in the blank or write the essay.

So, after all of that research, how would I prepare food-wise for the big exam? 

First, let me tell you about my exam story.

I was facing law school exams. Law school exams were super intense and long, and the competition was fierce.  Everyone wanted that top rank because everyone in law school hyped up the big firm jobs:

they start at $100K+ right out of law school.

Plus, good grades meant you’d have a lot more job opportunities, even if the job paid a little less.

Thus, my goal was to set the curve. Generally, law school grades are based solely on one exam (sometimes there is a mid-term that could affect your grade but not usually in my experience).

So, do you just coast through law school with a questionable job market and risk unemployment upon graduation, or do you rise to the occasion?

This story isn’t just about law school or the bar exam though, and while the article is catered toward taking the bar or other exams, these foods and concepts are applicable to every walk of life.

Every day when you wake up in the morning, you’re faced with challenges… Tests, Exams, Performances. 

That’s just life.  It’s going to happen.

Your decision is to either: (1) prepare and excel…or (2) try to just skate by…

I put too much money into law school to risk unemployment, so there was no question for me. I was going to do everything I could to get a mental edge over the competition.

If I didn’t do well on the tests, I could expect to be unemployed and forever buried in a mountain of debt. The problem was that law school exams weren’t the end of it.

There was a more important, and exponentially worse exam that what I faced in law school.  The most difficult written test of my life…the bar exam.

The bar exam determines whether you can even work in the discipline in which you studied. It makes law school exams seem petty. It’s the ultimate exam. In the legal field, we might coin this exam as “the final arbiter” because it’s the final decider of whether you get to practice.

The inability to practice would not only be embarrassing, it would be wasting your newly acquired legal knowledge and the huge investment you sunk into law school.

With that being said, here’s what this article will cover:  

1.      A brief overview of the Bar Exam (so you can see what I was up against)

2.      The 6 best foods to boost your memory and improve overall cognitive functioning

3.      Overview and summary of the 6 best foods


Overview of the Bar Exam

The Bar Exam. A punishment I could not wish on my own worst enemy.

In fact, it’s painful just thinking about it. I will note, however, that it is a very necessary barrier that helps limit the legal profession to worthy and persistent individuals.

For prospective lawyers…I’m sorry. There’s no way around it.

It’s something you just have to take and pass.

First off, let’s take a look at the prospects for bar exam takers.  I couldn’t find a lot of good recent data on passage rates by state, but the California Bar exam passage rate for the Summer of 2014 was a whopping 48.6%!

The following are the 2010-2011 top 10 lowest bar exam passage rates by state:

Bar Exam Pass Rates Chart in 2010 - 2011

Based on this chart, 2-3 out of 10 people in these states are not going to make the cut.  In our current situation in California, 5 out of 10 people will fail.

Which side do you want to fall on?

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