Best 6 Brain Foods for Exams: My Bar Exam Experience

My Bar Exam Experience

I’ve lived through the exam on my regular diet, and I’ve lived through it using the concepts and foods contained on this website.

The difference was night and day. 

I had mental clarity, absorbed every word, and recalled legal concepts that I barely even learned.

When I took the test on a regular diet, I felt tired, unable to maintain focus (or only could concentrate when I had fresh caffeine in me), and I just wasn’t seeing the information with the same clarity. 

Because the mental challenge was so rigorous, I could really feel the difference when I was on the two diets.

Yes…it could have been sleep issues or just knowing the material better or a number of other factors. 

But sometimes you know your body, and you can just tell.

I’ve incorporated these same foods and concepts into my personal and professional life and have seen a noticeable difference. 

These foods enhance your ability to recall information, help you maintain concentration, and allow you to stay focused on the task at hand.

This enhanced memory and alertness is a necessity for the bar exam. 

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Intro to the Bar Exam

It will probably be one of the most difficult tests of your life (at least in the context of written exams). 

In two months you’re expected to memorize crazy amounts of material, 16-22 different topics depending on the jurisdiction.  The competition is stiff. 

People are studying day and night, trying to outdo the next applicant. Waking up at the crack of dawn to watch lectures or make notecards or take practice tests.

There’s just not enough time to study everything sufficiently, much less, work or try to be productive outside of bar prep.

That time crunch and the fear of not knowing all the material puts you on edge.

You constantly search for any way you can to make study time more effective (especially if you have other things to do, i.e., around the house, work, go out with friends—the list is endless). 

But, what if you didn’t need as much study time because you retained everything you studied?

There’s obviously no guarantee, but the best way to set yourself up for success is to eat the right foods.    

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