Foods, Supplements, and Recipes that are Brain Boosters

Why Should You Spend Time Reading This Information?

This website was created for people that care about their health and making themselves better.  So some people might not want to spend time reading this information as they believe they could be doing better things with their time.

But…imagine this–if you get smarter from the concepts and research on this website, then you’ll likely be more efficient in those other tasks, and you’ll have more time for everything.

Even if this doesn’t make you smarter, you’ll still be learning about theories on health and one of the body’s most vital organs and how to nourish it properly.

Plus, you never know, it could be the difference between passing that ridiculous exam or convincing someone to purchase your product or services.

Or, it could even save you money at the gas station (by making you quicker on the uptake — i.e., if the clerk miscounts your change, you might catch it).

Let’s face it…it won’t hurt anything if you can make yourself smarter.

Tips on Diet and Health Theories
Research on Brain Enhancement Techniques

How You’ll Benefit from the Super Brain Diet Concepts

The benefits are endless but predominantly include: a constant state of intuition (defined as immediate cognition), 1 clarity of mind, increased mental acuity and wit, increased energy, improved concentration and attention span, and better hand-eye coordination. It also improves short-term and long-term memory (both processing speed and storage space).

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Why read the Super Brain Diet?

The objective is to teach readers about the different food benefits and various health concepts with the ultimate goal of providing the tools to create a lifestyle that incorporates the healthy foods and delicious recipes discussed on this site.

With the knowledge from this site (see other snacks and recipes that are good for the brain), you’ll develop the tools you need to take advantage of your body’s incredible capabilities.

Sometimes the questionable foods you eat can lead to disease, fatigue, or even depression. That’s because everything you eat directly affects how your body will react.

When you eat junk food, you clog your body up with toxins and sugars, causing inflammation that can hinder your brain’s ability to function properly.


Poor eating habits also adversely affect the neural structure of your brain.

It’s kind of like your old dietary lifestyle was a shoddy electrician who wired a bunch of stuff wrong in your brain and left tools everywhere.

So your body needs certain foods to help it detoxify. These foods essentially press the reset button, clearing all the junk out of your body and allowing you to start anew.

This website also contains some discussion about a concept called food combining, which in its most basic form, focuses on eating certain foods in conjunction and utilizing the body’s natural physiological cycles by selecting the “right” times to consume juices, smoothies, and other foods that work synergistically to detoxify the body and blood.

As a result of detoxifying the blood, the blood flow throughout your body increases, thereby allowing your brain to receive more oxygen.

This further enhances brain function and your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

Honey Glazed Chicken
Honey Glazed Chicken

Additionally, there are several foods discussed that will initiate the cell recycling process, a process called autophagy, to provide additional support in the brain detox process.

This is important because certain toxins (i.e., mercury, lead, anesthetics, etc.) can disrupt action potential (successful transmission of neurons a.k.a. ideas, memories, thoughts) by interfering with sodium or potassium channels. 2

After you’ve detoxed you want to replenish, rejuvenate, and re-wire your body and brain. As you probably can imagine, this requires loading your diet up with foods that are high in water content and antioxidants. However, you have to be aware of the deleterious effects sugar and high or low glucose levels can threaten.

Effect of Sugar and Glucose on the Brain

This provides your body ample oxygen supply and steady blood sugar levels if you carefully observe the GI of the foods. It also bolsters the body’s detoxification mechanisms and prepares the brain to be supercharged.

The foods selected reflect an awareness of the importance of stable but abundant glucose levels. Additionally, food combining techniques can be implemented to free up additional energy (glucose).

You should also incorporate foods that regulate blood sugar levels to provide a harnessed and sustainable fuel supply to the brain.

With this additional energy and a toxin-free brain, the foods and supplementation in the Super Brain Diet maximize your cognitive potential.

Quick Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Quick & Easy Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

The Ultimate Brain Enhancer – Antioxidants and Stable Blood Sugar 

A diet high in antioxidants is critical in fortifying and boosting your brain’s defenses.

Antioxidants protect your brain from lipid peroxidation or cell damage caused by free radicals.

An antioxidant is defined as “any of various substances (as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha-tocopherol) that inhibit oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen and peroxides and that include many held to protect the living body from the deleterious effects of free radicals.” 3

One caveat: many of the high antioxidant level foods also contain high amounts of sugar.

This gets tricky because over-saturation of blood sugar can produce the opposite effect–foggy brain. Thus, you must take into account the glycemic index of the foods but also try to get loads of nutrients and antioxidants.

Another effect from some of the foods involves the rewiring of your brain’s neural network. This allows the brain to function more rapidly and protects it from unwanted inflammation that could hinder optimal functioning. Additionally, the high nutrient and amino acid intake will increase the fluidity and receptivity of post-synaptic neurons thereby facilitating the binding of neurotransmitters to proteins.

The binding process of neurotransmitters to proteins triggers an action potential in the post-synaptic neuron, or causes “the lightbulb to go on” (i.e., ideas, memories, thoughts, etc.) in your brain.

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Sweet and Spicy Thai Butternut Squash Soup
Sweet and Spicy Thai Butternut Squash Soup

Who May Find This Information Useful?

  • Anyone who wants to increase brain power, improve memory, improve concentration, increase motor skills, or generally better their life
  • Individuals working in a profession involving intense mental strain
  • Individuals (adults or children) with symptoms resembling attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • An accounting student preparing for the CPA Exam
  • A medical student preparing for boards
  • A law student preparing for the Bar Exam
  • A surgeon
  • A lawyer preparing for trial
  • Anyone learning a foreign language
  • Chess players
  • Tax preparers
  • Accountants
  • The list goes on and on…

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Super Foods to Increase Brain Power and Improve Memory
Pepper Crusted Tuna Tartare

Why Am I Sharing This Information?

I am sharing this information as it has greatly affected my life in a positive manner, and my hopes are that it will change your life for the better and perhaps bring you closer to achieving your goals.

In addition to teaching and helping others, researching and learning about new topics that benefit one’s life is one of my passions.

The Super Brain Diet has allowed me to do all of those things. On top of that, anyone who has the patience and diligence to take the time to learn about maximizing brain function (and the discipline to change their lifestyle) deserves its incredible benefits.

Because I am interested in diet, healthy lifestyles, and self-improvement, I have explored a number of resources, some on food combining, others on maximizing health and brain functioning using supplementation, and many others on various areas of health.

The concepts in many of these books and articles, in the aggregate, make up the Super Brain Diet Resource Center. 4

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Garlic Honey Dijon Salmon Salad with Honey Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette
Garlic Honey Dijon Salmon Salad with Honey Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette

Why is it called The Super Brain Diet?

Initially it was going to be called the Super Brain Regimen because “Super Brain” = very powerful brain + “Regimen” = “a prescribed course of medical treatment, way of life, or diet for the promotion or restoration of health.” 5

The Super Brain Diet is more a lifestyle and knowledge than it is a strict diet.

Thus, the underlying goal is to educate yourself on the methods of increasing brain power and improving memory and try to implement this knowledge and these practices into your everyday lifestyle.

This approach was ultimately called the Super Brain Diet because I wanted to simplify, to reach as many readers as possible. I opted to use Super Brain Diet because people know how to spell “diet.” Sadly, a number of people do not know how to spell “regimen.”

Perhaps another compelling reason to begin utilizing the Super Brain Diet Resource Center.

Best Resource for Brain Vitamins

Best Brain Supplements


  4. I must pay special tribute to Jean Carper, best-selling author and leading researcher on Alzheimer’s disease and memory, by recommending her book on brain maximization: Your Miracle Brain: Maximize Your Brainpower, Boost Your Memory, Lift Your Mood, Improve Your IQ and Creativity, Prevent and Reverse Mental Aging (HarperCollins 2000). It’s a highly informative book detailing the beneficial effects that various foods and vitamins have on the brain.It is supported by thoroughly researched facts and has greatly assisted me in stepping my brain functioning up to the next level.