Looking to Help Future Bar Exam Takers and Make Extra Money?

Our goal is to provide law school graduates with the most efficient and effective study materials possible to supplement the Bar Exam Prep materials provided by the main Bar Prep companies. 

To do so, we would like to tap into the ingenuity and creativity of law school graduates, lawyers, and any others, who may be able to provide valuable contributions to our resource database. 

We will go through a vetting process to ensure that we only provide quality materials to our customers.  However, for those study materials that pass the evaluation, we will offer 35% of the profit  to the provider of the study material. 

We would specifically like to provide material for state-specific bar exams, like California, Florida,  Maryland, and any others. Our current material provides a sound basis for supplementing a law graduate’s typical bar preparation regimen, but we will always entertain the possibility of increasing our resource database. 

If you are interested in contributing in exchange for a profit-sharing venture, please click here to express your interest and initiate discussions.